360 Pre-Amplifier Head / 361 Powered Cabinet

The Legendary 360/361 is back, game over...Acoustic wins! The Flagship of the Acoustic USA line. This classic combination has been updated with modern features and reliability while still keeping true to the tone, style and heritage of the classic Acoustic 360. The list of famous musicians who used the 360/361 is too long to list here but includes The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jaco Pastorius and Larry Graham. Pretty much a who’s who of music in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Combining massive output, killer tone and looks to stop traffic, the 360/361 is an ideal bass amp for dominating the stage or crafting the perfect studio tone.

The 360 head has two inputs for passive or active pickups, plus input gain with clip indicator and output volume controls. A footswitchable compression circuit with active indicator and footswitchable growl overdrive circuit with grit and level controls let you go from super smooth round sound to gritty warm distortion. Add to that the tone controls and Variamp EQ, and you've got total control of your sound. The mute function and the rear panel tuner output lets you tune silently on stage. When these features get combined with the raw power of the massive 18” speaker and switchable titanium horn driver of the 361 powered cabinet, you had better stand back. Earth-shaking bottom end, punchy mids and snappy highs - whatever sound you need, whenever you need it.

The rear panel of the 360 offers an array of possibilities. You have the ability to power up to four 361 series powered cabinets with ease, no ohms issues or worries about overheating anything. Direct out with ground lift - which you can send pre or post EQ - is ideal for sending D.I. to a sound board or recording console. The effects loop allows you to use effects pedals and devices for even more sonic possibilities. Plug in the included footswitch and control the compression and growl circuits with a tap of your foot. Find out for yourself why the Acoustic 360/361 truly is a whole lotta amp.

Acoustic USA products are updated classics giving you modern features and reliability, while still keeping true to the tone, style and heritage of their legendary Acoustic roots. Acoustic USA products are made in the USA , and offer a 3 year limited warranty.

(additional information and detailed specifications can be found on the seperate model pages)

MSRP: $4,999.98

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